The Monsoon Desert

As I wrote in a post somewhere…”if you think these days, weeks, and months are flying too fast, submit a manuscript.”

I may have explained that, although my writing journey began about twelve years ago, I got down to business in 2008 when I completed my 3rd NaNoWriMo event. The story that emerged became a four book series. It might not end at four, *they* haven’t told me.

Last January I decided that I was going to quit playing and write with the intent of publishing and thus began the adventure. I revised the 1st book in  the series and got some feedback from different readers. I went back to work and began crafting the first 5 chapters to present at a national convention.

The first week of June I pitched my book to several publishers and sent it to an editor for scrutiny. I came home armed with enthusiasm, new tools, a road map and another goal. I worked everyday for two months and when it was done, I had a manuscript I was proud to submit.

The publisher who requested the MS has had it for a month tomorrow. I don’t expect to hear anything for another month, but, I’m hopeful. In the meantime, I’m reading for other writers, catching up on reading and working on a re-write of book 2.

I will try to be better at keeping up with this site and will post news, as it happens.

Thanks for stopping by.


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