Annual Blog post

Yes, it’s been over a year. Mea Culpa. But there’s good news! I’m finishing and NEW novel that is a stand-alone and… another book in the Damaged Series. Yes! If you love Zeke and Anne as much as I do, you will be thrilled to meet Zeke’s super bratty thirteen year old niece and junior … More Annual Blog post

NaNoWriMo is coming!

  November 1st begins 30 days of Butt-in-Chair wordcrafting. I’ve entered every year except 2016. It’s become a training exercise for the discipline of writing EVERY Damn Day. Diligently done, I usually end up with a decent start to a manuscript. And this year, I’m amping up the pressure with a new idea. Several weeks … More NaNoWriMo is coming!

She’s Baaack!

Just got back from a conference in Palm Springs–the 5th Anniversary Left Coast Literary Conference. We had some interesting panels and presentations, but the one that motivated me to get off the couch (so to speak) was from the exuberant Shawn Marie. She single-handedly lit a fire under our collective derrieres about the importance of … More She’s Baaack!

Is smart important?

  I’ve been recently pondering the idea of “qualifications”. Mostly what we expect from professionals we pay for service. Like hair stylist, manicurist, dog groomer. Did you know that those folks need to be licensed by the state? What about nursing home owners, morticians, cemetery owners? Of course, all drivers. Auto, truck, train, boat, bus, … More Is smart important?