Photo Album

a few photo memories…

Early Winter Morn

July Monsoons…Fingers crossed for rain in those clouds.

June Road Trip. 3,000 miles, 7.5 days of driving. Stick-A-Fork-In-Me…I’m Done!

Moon Rise ~ New Mexico

I love it!
“the Girls

The Gila Wilderness

Here’s one now, from Fall 2007

7 thoughts on “Photo Album

  1. What an interesting woman you are. With a life so peppered with challenges and sucesses in the
    medical field, I am surprised you haven’t been interviewed by CNN. They would be wise to do it!
    I wonder if your allergy cookbook includes Lactose Intolerance.
    You can look me up on and see tge results of my life of painting. My e-mail is on that site. I also write poetry.
    Sincerely, Sara

    1. Thanks for your kind note, I’m not quite ready for CNN. But if it would sell books…
      Sorry, but food allergy and lactose intolerance are two different problems. There are some good resources for avoiding milk sugars.

      I checked out your site, your paintings are intriguing. Glad you stopped by!

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