5 thoughts on “DSCF7354

  1. My dearest Barrett and Diane if it may take a long time kindly please don’t CLOSE as it is my FOR THE FIRST TIME and when the DAY BEFORE YOU CAME and please,please SAVED ME………….
    EMARALD.This is a few romance and love topic story that i really loved and hopefully i can contribute for all women with love . LOVE ~ D.

  2. Dear Barrett I am D from Kuala Lumpur a retired RN a former midwife ,post basic psychiatric nurse and clinical nurse instructor .Recently i still working as clinical instructor with one of private school of nursing and still study with university Northumbria England in degree nursing.Noted quite interesting about your thinking and ideas in writing.and it quite difficult to have your book in my country.I have some ideas of love story and may be will like to share with you.And thank you for the lovelly foto you and my beloved Diane Gaidry which i like her Long a go in FILM and do not know how to keep in thouch with her.I tried to get through to her Live coach programme but it may not advisable by far .Please give me some advised and highly appreciate. Love D.

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